new – Chartered Cruises!

Feel like sitting back and having us do the driving? No problem!

Our latest offering includes a ‘skippered’ day trip to let you completely relax, and enjoy the scenes along the river with friends and family while we do the driving.

“It’s like a game drive, on a boat!”

Meet Ralph Kirsten, our FGASA level 3 trails and marine guide. Ralph has partnered with Houseboats Port Alfred to offer fully skippered and guided packages which include birdwatching tours, trail tracking at Mansfield Private Game Reserve and fishing expeditions aboard the houseboats.

A day with Ralph typically starts off with a meet-and-greet, safety briefing and then a welcome drink and snacks. Depending on the type of packages booked with Ralph, you can expect a full day of fishing advice and assistance, bird-sightings or cutting spoor along a riverine bush path on Mansfield Private Game Reserve.

Day-trip packages to choose from:

  • Fishing Package: Bait collection, professional assistance and advice on targeting local species.
  • Birding / Game viewing Package: Tap into years of skill and experience at finding rare species endemic to the area. Ralph’s knowledge of local habitats promises to make for a rich game or birding experience, along the Kowie River as well as on Mansfield Private Game Reserve.


A full day with Ralph costs R1000 additional to any day-trip package. This saves you the R250 temporary skippers fee, and also allows you to relax and unwind with the knowledge that a National Geographic guide is at the helm of the boat, your safety and an unforgettable experience!

Contact us today and let us help to plan a most amazing your trip!

Still the best way to experience the Kowie

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